blast from the past, pt.2

i found some old assignments among the papers in these boxes.

turns out, i was actually pretty smart once upon time.

this is my english assignment from high school. don’t mind the teacher’s comment, the handwriting is pretty difficult to read, but hey, look at the big ‘B’. 

but that one was an easy one. it was a private journal. kinda like a blog, but in the old-fashioned form 🙂 no research, no thinking.

this one is from uni. i read it a couple of days ago and when i read the task, i went, ‘huh?’ i didn’t understand what it was asking. time? space? journalism? what? i flipped to the last page, and saw i got a ‘B’. really? like, really? where did that come from?

then i read what i wrote and, what do you know, i did pretty good. the minus in the ‘B’ is from my grammar and the way wrote the essay. not the content.

i don’t remember writing this but i probably got books from the library as soon as i got the assignment but didn’t read any of those until three days before it was due. i most probably started writing it a few weeks before it was due but only got as far as the intro. there’s a big possibility i rushed like crazy trying to finish it the night before it was due. that was how i operated at uni.

and here’s one that makes no sense at all to me. it’s like…  gibberish. i don’t understand a thing. it was for an IT subject. 79/90. MOH probably sat next to me telling me how to do this one. he might even did it for me huahaha

i kinda really want to go back to school. school is easy. real life is tough. gosh, what i wouldn’t give to go back in time.


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  1. christy
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 20:34:38

    i remember one of my teacher yang tulisannya exactly the same dengan tulisannya gurumu yang di gambar pertama. hahhaha. betul-betul tulisan dewa. SUSAH DIBACA!!! tapi setelah diperhatikan dengan lebih saksama.. tulisannya guruku, tidak “seindah” itu. ==;


  2. 1980chandra
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 21:17:33

    knp di’ tulisannya orang bisa segitu canggihnya. dokter saja na-kalah2i.
    waktu se selesai sma itu guru kasih saya buku kumpulan short stories, di halaman depan dia tulisi tp sampe skrg masih nda tau ka apa itu na tulis.


  3. The Writer
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 23:11:30

    ahaaaaa, it’s the vicious cycle. When you’re working, you wanna get back to school because of its simplicity, but when you’re in school you wish that you are working because at least you get paid for all the trouble and the problems you need to solve LOL


  4. 1980chandra
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 23:33:21

    soooo true. but that’s how it is with life, isn’t it? i think very few people are content with where they are in live at any given time. it’s always ‘i wish’, ‘i want’, ‘if only’….


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