eurovision – the morning after


i think it’s awesome that norway won even though i’m so over ‘fairytale’ and rybak himself. is it just me or his smile is a bit… ummm… manic? but hey, credit when credit’s due. everybody involved in his performance was decently clothed, the dancing guys on the background wasn’t too crazy, rybak sang a song he wrote himself, and performed it while jumping around and playing violin. the vocal wasn’t the strongest of the night but vocal is not exactly what eurovision is all about. 

quite amazing how many 12-points he got. even more amazing, norway only gave 4 points to sweden (sweden’s probably going to give norway a big fat zero point next year hahaha) even thought sweden and denmark gave norway 12 points. personally, i wouldn’t give sweden anything. the singer was a lady but looked and sounded like a guy. supposedly opera singer but her singing was messy. MOH’s reaction was a simple and direct ‘wtf’.

and denmark… the moment the guy started singing i said to MOH, ‘sounds like ronan keating.’ his response was, ‘westlife. boyband.’ and this before we knew ronan keating co-wrote the song.

we had our prediction sheet (above picture) and we were quite bad. i did say azerbaijan was going to top 3 and turkey top 10. and we both put iceland on top 10. MOH was very sure norway was going to win and i thought ukraine was the sure winner.

all in all, not a bad show. good to see that three of the top 5 didn’t have to put on a show to get there. iceland put on a very normal performance and got to number two so good for them. probably a good thing they didn’t win because where on earth would they find the money to host it next year. uk was normal too but then again they had the hype of andrew lloyd weber composing the song and playing the bloody piano on stage. and norway was pretty decent.

and so next year eurovision is coming to norway. wonder where it’ll be held. eurovision is like the singing olympics so this is pretty huge. ok, not olympics since it’s only europe but hey, 42 countries voting is a lot of countries. so it’s like europe championship on singing. i can’t wait!

eurovision rocks!

congratulations to rybak and norway on winning the eurovision. and on 17th may.

and let me just finish this by saying i’m a little worried about myself. i went to bed with ‘fairytale’ playing in my head last night. woke up with it still playing. it has been playing in my head over and over again today and to make things worse, i also feel like his smile his following me everywhere. is this a sign of me losing my mind?


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