long-distance driving in norway

these are the photos from the trip to bergen, all of which were taken on the road from inside a moving car with my simple camera. the quality of the pictures are pretty bad but they’re all i have to illustrate the adventure that is long-distance driving in norway. and this way, you get to see things the way i see them from my position at the front passenger seat.


the drive was around 430km one way. more or less. we had to take four ferries each way, thanks to the norwegian nature. lots of fjords to cross. at 94+88+81+127, they don’t come cheap.

i could’ve taken better pictures of the ferry had i not been too lazy but nyeeeh… couldn’t be bothered to get out of the car.

if there’s one thing i like about taking ferries here, it’s this:
svele. this is a very bad picture so you’ll have to google it for  better ones. according to MOH, sveler are like thick pancakes. whatever they are, they are yummy.

MOH had to do all the driving because i’m no good at driving on mountains. and driving to bergen (and back to ålesund) is all about going up and down various mountains. actually, i’m not sure if they’re called mountains but we kept going up:

and down:
(from high above the water level all the way down to be side by side with the water)

not to mention the narrow, narrow roads

so i left the driving to the experience driver and enjoyed the view.

of trees

and water
(i don’t think i zoomed for this pic. i remember thinking how incredibly close we were to the water)

and mountains

there are still lots of photos left from the trip but i’ll post them later. this one alone took around eight hours to do. i did it while listening to footy online, reading newspapers online, made pikelets (the svele pic made me do it), and watched a few episodes of grey’s anatomy season 4 on dvds.. i also had a shower and took a nap. multi-tasking all the way, no?


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