my poor little toe

i got stung today.

i sat down at the table, ready to tuck in (waffles) at fil’s place when suddenly i felt this pain on my left little toe. i thought i must’ve pulled a muscle or something. it got really bad in a matter of seconds. i stood up and put my hand around it trying to get rid of the pain but it got worse.i was too scared to even take my sock off because the pain was so bad, i thought my little toe was falling off or something.

MOH looked under the table and saw some sort of animal. off to the kitchen i went. got some vinegar on tissue and dabbed the toe. we thought it was a bee but MOH found a wasp (dead. serves you right, you little bugger) and i calmed down. ‘wasp can’t be that bad, can it?’ i thought.

and while there absolutely was nothing to worry about since i didn’t think i was allergic (i’m not but who’s to know. i’ve never been stung prior to today), the pain was almost unbearable. i thought a bite from those teeny tiny red ants were bad. much, much worse. just… worse. my toe swelled up immediately. it was red and the sting mark was very obvious.

the swelling has gone down now but the outer side of my left foot still feels a bit weird. it’s like the pain has numbed it or something. and i have to go to work in about three-and-a-half hours and stand for around four hours. stupid wasp couldn’t have picked a better time to sting me? inconsiderate son of a gun.


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