norwegian vs. indonesian education system

MOH: what did you learn about other countries in indonesia?  have you heard about norway before you came here?

me: yes.

MOH: what, from some norwegians pop groups?

me: which one?

MOH: how about sweden? denmark? finland?

me: yes. and i also knew there was a country called oman. bet you’ve never heard of it.

MOH: belgium? luxembourg?

me: yes.

MOH: new zealand?

me: oh, ha ha ha.

MOH: congo?

me: yes. have you heard about a country called brunai?

MOH: yes. it’s somewhere in the middle east.

me: ha! HA! haha! it’s not in the middle east!

MOH: where is it then?

me: you know it’s this small country, right? filthy rich?

MOH: yes. there’s an airport there where planes land to refuel.

me: it’s not in the middle east!

MOH: where is it then?

me: (drew a picture of indonesia and pointed where brunai was)

he went and googled it then came back and said, ‘i hate it when you’re right.’ then he said i wasn’t allowed to blog about it.

indonesia 1, norway 0. tee hee!!!


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  1. christy
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 15:18:55

    hahaha, brunai di middle east. omg!!! haha. indo keren!!! matematikanya juga mematikan. beuhh. xD


    • 1980chandra
      Sep 15, 2009 @ 12:10:26

      makanya. orang2 sini nda tau apa2 kl bukan negaranya sendiri. pd-nya lagi blg middle east. dasar hasil pendidikan norwegia!


      • christy
        Sep 15, 2009 @ 14:19:22

        haha. (masih ada sisa kemarahan kemaren) 😉


        • 1980chandra
          Sep 15, 2009 @ 15:41:36

          io. emosinya masih tersisa. tiap se ingat marah ka.


          • christy
            Sep 16, 2009 @ 23:06:10

            betul-betul nda ramah. memang orang indo didikannya lebih bagus, haha, makanya murah senyum, ramah dan suka menolong. 😀 dari kecil sudah diajar begitu.. hihi. sabar sabar..


            • 1980chandra
              Sep 18, 2009 @ 14:36:03

              itu mi yg se plg rindukan dr australi sama indo, banyak orang ramahnya. murah senyum, kl papasan menyapa. di sini cuih… eye contact pun nda mau ki. dingin ki jiwanya. io, sabar ji gang. jd sering tarik nafas panjang untuk kasih turun emosi hehe


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