perfect weather

a couple of days ago i read articles about how norway is the best country to live in in the whooooole wide world according to some united nations’ one or other. australia comes second. 

i read the readers comments (on an australian newspaper), interested in seeing the reaction of some readers. most australians are very proud of their country so i thought it’d be interesting to see how they feel about not coming first.

some took offence. some agreed and blamed the politicians for it. some mentioned the weather. glorious australian summer and mild winter compared to cold, miserable norway. 300 days of rain in a year, they mentioned.

now. i live in ålesund. we’re not as bad as bergen but we do get quite a lot of rain. but, i thought, there was no way on earth we have that much rain. on today’s local paper, i read an article that said we have had five rain-free days in the past 30 days here in wet ålesund. my reaction was, really? five? is that all? i guess i love rain so much, i haven’t noticed how much it had rained lately. now that i think about it, i can’t remember the last time i see blue sky. it rains when i go to bed. it rains when i wake up. it rains when i watch tv. it rains when i cook. it rains when i read. it rains when i go to work. it rains when i finish at work. MOH complains almost everyday about how ridiculous it was getting, about how it was time for it to stop raining. what do you know… maybe it is possible to have 300 rainy days over here. if you count snow as rain, that is.

i love australia. am not a fan of norway. but i have to admit, when it comes to weather, norway wins hands down. no questions about it. i rather have 300 days of rain with very low humidity than 300 days of sunny days with high humidity.

right now, it’s around 3 degrees here. it’s raining outside. we’re still a month-and-a-half away from winter. i love it. truly, i do. sadly, it’s about the only thing i love about living here.


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