rome – day 1

the food:

  • brekkie – waffle with brown cheese at vigra (ålesund airport)
  • lunch – some grilled shrimps with salad and sweet chilli sauce at copenhagen airport. with an extra serving of a strand of hair in the salad. hmmmmmm… guess hairnet hasn’t reached copenhagen yet.
  • afternoon tea – hot chocolate at copenhagen airport.
  • dinner – nothing

what we did:

  • woke up early. boo hoo!!!
  • flew to oslo.
  • shopped like crazy at duty free oslo. i need duty free because i live in a remote village with very little selection of goods. and what they have are very expensive.
    so here they are. mostly perfumes and deodorants. not in picture: lipbalm from l’occitane and glosses from lancome and mac. i can’t find them in ålesund, ok!!!
  • i was amazed by how big and busy copenhagen airport was. it went a bit like this: wow. huge airport. lots of people. wow. why didn’t i fall in love and married a dane who lived in copenhagen?
  • flew to rome. read my magazine all the way to rome but put it away in the last 20 minutes of the flight. as we were landing, i saw outside the window and what did i see but lots of lights (it was already dark). lots of lights is a good sign, it means a big city.
  • stood around waiting for our luggages for almost an hour at rome airport.
  • got on to the cab (not a traditional cab, the more expensive version. a van, not a sedan) which travelled 120k/h on the highway. there were a lot of cars on the road but we didn’t slow down once. quite curious about that. i think it was because people knew what they were doing and changed lanes like crazy when the lane they were in seemed to go slower. our driver was driving like a maniac. not only was he constantly changing lanes, he was also driving on the white line sometimes, occupying two lanes at once.
  • watched in wonder as our cabbie answered his phone and texted while driving over 100k/h. wondered why he was the only one in the cab with a blackberry. my mum offered to buy me a blackberry because apparently, that’s the rage in indo at the moment. when i mentioned blackberry in norway, people looked at me in a weird way because they haven’t a clue what a blackberry is. we’re very updated in norway, you see.
  • checked in at the hotel. the lady at the reception desk spoke english with a very strong italian accent. for a hotel receptionist, her english wasn’t that good. we understood each other but a joke was out of a question.
  • went up to our room. got in and was impressed. it was very clean and smelled very nice for a smoking room (can you believe it? 2009 and you can still request a smoking room).

    flash your keycard here. you have a bell (because knocking at the door is so… out?) and you can see if there are people in the room or not. i’ll have another post to show the inside of the room.
  • it was almost 9pm so i just unpacked the suitcases, had a shower and crashed.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Writer
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 18:12:14

    If you had married a Dane and lived in Copenhagen, you would speak like someone with a throat disease 🙂


    • 1980chandra
      Dec 06, 2009 @ 14:03:04

      the norwegian in my house say you guys sound like you’re speaking with your mouth full of potatoes. so maybe if you have a potato in your mouth when you speak, you’ll sound like a native 🙂


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