carrot cake

wow… i’ve been so lazy with blogging. i’m going to make an effort to blog a bit more often so this week, i’m going to blog every day. just to get into it again.

now. yesterday at the shop, we went to buy bread and out of the blue, MOH said he wanted carrot cake.

i, being a super confident person that i am, said, ‘i’ll make you a carrot cake.’

i have never before made a carrot cake. i’ve wanted to but i never have cream cheese at home and a carrot cake is not a carrot cake without the cream cheese frosting. right? plus, i’m a lousy baker. i’ve watched my mum in action in the kitchen since i was little, i took hospitality at school, i can cook ok, i have a collection of cooking books, i watch cooking show on tv, i read food blogs, i even have a chocolate cake recipe that i can make with my eyes closed in 15 minutes flat. but i hate baking because you have to measure everything precisely, preheat the oven precisely, you can’t estimate things. too tedious.

anyhooooo…. since we were out anyway, we went to the grocery shop and buy all the ingredients. i didn’t know what i needed, just guessed. i mean, a cake is a cake, right. so i made sure i buy what i didn’t have at home.

once we got home, i went online looking for a good carrot cake recipe. i found three interesting ones and combined them.

out with the hand mixer, mixing bowl, measuring cup and spoons, spatula, grater and… a couple of an hour later, tadaaaaa….

it might have been my first ever carrot cake but it is so, so, soooooo good. i use olive oil instead of vegetable oil because the internet said the cake will be moister this way. i let the batter sit before i pour it into the pyrex. i alternate the dry ingredients and the eggs into the wet ingredients. i did everything the internet told me to do. the result is a moist, soft, light and fluffy carrot cake. i actually thought carrot cake should a bit denser but never mind, it’s still awesome. i reduce the amount of sugar for both the cake and the frosting but again, still awesome.

MOH had a piece this morning and he said it was reaaaaaally good. he also said i had to make carrot cake once a month. i told him to take everything to work tomorrow, just leave a slice for us each and he said, ‘you’re going to give it all away? you’re crazy?’

he doesn’t like cake. he doesn’t eat dessert. so i’d say the carrot cake is a big success. yay me!!!


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