nanananana i can’t hear you!

cringe #1.
someone at work asked me my religion a couple of days ago. actually, he mumbled, ‘you’re… no, you’re not’ to me. i asked what he meant and he asked me my religion. i told him.

a bit later, he showed me a newspaper with a story about a certain growing religion in norway on the cover. then he proceeded to talk about how worried he was about this trend. i told him things like that didn’t bother me. people could believe whatever they wanted to believe.

somehow, he got talking about gay. about how this certain religion he was talking about was opposed gay. i said that wasn’t really a religion thing. i mean, how many countries in the world allowed gay marriages? those who didn’t allowed it, not all of them are believers of the religion he was talking about. and then i mentioned another religion that was also very public in its opposition toward homosexuality.

i laughed a bit (at him, really) and walked away. goodness help me but people can be so, so narrow-minded. i get embarassed by them.

cringe #2.
a day after what happened above, i stood next to someone at work who was talking loudly about her dad. about how she went to help him clean his house and he was going to pay her for that and she said she didn’t want to get paid for doing it anymore. that she was going to clean his place for free now. we’re talking about a grown woman with kids of her own here. as in, i’m pretty sure her dad is somewhere between 60 and 70. i cringed. she accepted money from her dad for helping him clean his house before?

then she added that however, she did feel that should be paid since she’s the only one doing it, none of her brothers did.

say what now?????

i understand that parents here don’t do as much as, for example, parents in indo do. as in, when they can afford it, parents there pay for their kids education all the way until masters and ph.d and whatnot. and if they’re super rich, they’ll give their kids cars and house and money to start up in life. i’m not saying it’s like that for everyone but i’m from a small town filled with very rich people so i know a lot of people like that. even those who aren’t too well off will give their all to give their kids the best. make do without just so their kids have what they need. i’m not saying not all kids are that lucky but regardless. most parents, even here, at the very leatest, housed you, loved you and nurtured you for the earlier years of your life. then you grew up to be a kid who expect to be paid to help them clean their house once in a month or so? come on! 

after those two days, i ended up thinking, thank goodness i grew up where i grew up. i was raised to have huge respect and love for my parents and the elderly in my family. and not to feel burden by them if i have to help them. and thank goodness i was raised in a place which didn’t have just one official religion because i got to grow up with people with different believes and understand that they’re human just like me and they’re not a threat.

sometimes, just sometimes, i want to knock people on their head. just, knock ’em silly. gosh!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soe
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 18:26:26

    omg! anak durhaka, terima duit dari ortu.. coba kalo dia anakku, pasti uda tak kutuk jadi batu, he2 😀


    • 1980chandra
      Feb 01, 2010 @ 19:46:43

      iya, aku yg dengar sampe malu. on her behalf. masa bantu orang tua terima bayaran???

      btw, kamu kemana aja???


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