to leave and never come back

the weekend supplement of our local paper this week writes about how very few people with higher education come back to ålesund to live.

i think they say only 13 percent eventually return home to ålesund. by higher education i’m assuming under and post grads. or maybe even høgskule since ålesund doesn’t have a university and their høgskule doesn’t offer much courses.

my first reaction was, uh, d’uuuuuuh. what do you expect? what would a person with a masters or a ph.d do in ålesund? the city is this big. there is a very limited numbers of jobs available and they’re only in certain areas. there isn’ta single high-riser in the city center. there isn’t any excitement in the whole place and nothing fun ever happens here. it’s the perfect place for pensionists. calm, relaxed, slow-paced. yaaawn. it’s basically blah if you’re under the age of 50. ok, let’s be kind, 60. actually, no. i won’t live here even as a 40 y.o.

those who returned said some reasons why they returned was family and friends, childhood memories and quality of life (mountains, sea, fresh air, that kind of things) and that ålesund was affordable. what a boring lot.

but seriously, if even those who were born and grew up here don’t want to come back, do you seriously think i want to live in this place? even those with family, friends, emotional ties and roots in this place don’t want to live here, why should i? i can soooo understand them, those people who never returned. completely. just because you were born at a place, doesn’t mean you have to live your life and die there. get out a bit. spread your wings. experience new things. see what the world has to offer. there might be something better out there. obviously the majority of those who’ve left ålesund did find something better elsewhere.

and can you believe my luck??? i married one of those who actually came back.


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  1. The Writer
    Feb 06, 2010 @ 20:59:06


    Yeah I find it quite strange that some people actually go back to their home towns. Like you said, that place’s got not much to offer 😦

    I’m slowly getting insane already by just living outside of Oslo, I truly can’t imagine how you must feel with the prospect of you spending your life forever there. I’m counting my days, EVERY SINGLE DAYS to the moment where I’ll be back to Copenhagen. I don’t love Denmark that much but I miss what Copenhagen has to offer than this place 😦


    • 1980chandra
      Feb 11, 2010 @ 10:23:05

      mind-boggling, i know.

      it scares me, the possibility of living here even longer. it’s a terrifying thought. i’m after ways to get out of here. just want to get out. the sooner the better. i am not willing to waste anymore years here. you only live once and all that.


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