day vs. night shift

i miss working at night.

there usually were 15 people at night so it was busy but not crowded.

we had ‘deadlines’ so everybody was always working. i hate being at work when there is nothing to do.

the works varied, so not overly monotonous.

out of the four hours i spent at work everynight, i walked around for at least two hours.

the pay was good. my goodness, the pay was awesome. 88nok/hr  extra on top of my base salary.

night shift spoiled me.

i just came home from a nine-hours day where i spent about 8 hours on my feet. the work was not hard but i didn’t get to move much, just rooted in the same spot all day long. all these for less pay.

i’m not complaining. not really. i’m still working, which is good because i will lose my mind if i have to stay home all day long. i get paid good money, i like the people i work with, my bosses take good care of me and offer me more hours whenever they need someone to work extra. i thought i would be an unemployed by now (supposed to work only until 31.5) but my bosses asked me if i would consider staying there a bit longer so i’m now staying there until december while i try to… well, not going to say it in case it doesn’t work out and but you know… plan something bigger and better.

so really, it’s not that bad. i just… miss night shift. i miss it.


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  1. soe
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 19:19:50

    Bagus dong kerja day shift daripada malem, kan malem wktnya tidur, for body repairing, refreshing and detoxing katanya, he2.. 🙂


    • 1980chandra
      Jun 13, 2010 @ 11:05:00

      iya. teman2 kerja jg semua ngomongnya gitu. apalagi kapan hari ada di koran kl ada research yg menunjukkan (menunjukkan, bahasa apa pula ini) bahwa orang yg kerja malem itu resiko kena kanker tinggi. hiiii… jadi takut.


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