this year’s birthday pressies

so on top of going to london, i got more pressies for my birthday this year.

my old laptop is slow. and it gets warm very easily. i’m fine with it, in fact i still use it until today but MOH kept saying it would catch fire one day (and, would you believe it, a computer at work actually went up in smoke. a fire engine actually came!). so MOH, his mum and dad all pitched in and bought me a laptop.

as i said, i still use my old laptop because i like it a lot but it’s nice to have a new, faster laptop on the side.

it’s sitting on top of the old laptop in this picture. it’s a bit smaller than the old one and kinda hard to use even with my short, stubby fingers.

aaaaaand… MOH is being extra sweet and got me something extra special.

here it is.


(please ignore the dry and hairy fingers. they’re ugly, i know)

but yeah… all in all, a good birthday 😉


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  1. Olive Tree
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 06:41:04

    Sounds like a very wonderful birthday. My laptop, by the way, gets warm so fast too. Actually more than warm, it can get so damn hot. I have to wear pants before I put it on my lap. Definitely can’t put the laptop directly on top of my skin. Also, it had gone dead just like that, in a zip, a few times already when it got very hot. At least I know that the automatic turning off is probably created for a reason, so not to catch on fire. But the laptop is only 4 years old. That’s how they make laptop nowadays? To last only a few years? Sucks.

    That’s a beautiful ring, by the way. I need my sun glasses looking at it 🙂 Enjoy your gifts!


    • 1980chandra
      Oct 16, 2010 @ 14:00:24

      that’s exactly like mine. i have to put a pillow between it and my lap. and sometimes the fan makes (i still use it haha) this loud, weird noise. mine’s also about that age. apparently, that’s how long laptops are supposed to last these days. i know, sad.

      haha thanks. the ring isn’t that big but can’t be too greedy.


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