books, glorious books

i read a lot but lately, i’ve only read chick lits. now, i’m not about to bash chick lits because i love them. i have lots of them on my bookshelf so i obviously enjoy them.

but when i was in london i picked up some books that are more thriller than chick lits and i have officially rekindled my love for that genre.

okay, they aren’t exactly thriller, they’re a bit tame to be called thriller but not the usual light, happy, centred-around-girls-liking-guys chick lits either.

it all started with the lovely bones by alice sebold. i bought it because while we were in london, the commercial for the movie kept coming on the hotel movie channel one thing or another. and the ‘my name is salmon, like the fish; first name, susie. i was fourteen when i was murdered…’ line intrigued me enough to make me get the book when i saw it at the shop. 

that book is beautiful. although i find it a bit pointless, the writing is so, so tender, they are painful (in a good way) to read. i went through about half a roll of loo paper while i read it. finished it in three days.

then i read sister by rosamund lupton. i wasn’t hooked as quickly as i was with the lovely bones but it’s a decent book. i did went ‘huh?’ quite a bit while reading it but really, it’s more than ok. it gets better the more you read it. i used five days to read it. four or five, not sure.

yesterday, i finished with dorothy koomson’s the ice cream girls. out of the three books, this is the one i least enjoyed. the theme is interesting but i personally find it a bit… i don’t know, it doesn’t flow as good as the other two. the book, the thicker of all three, took me four days to finish.

i’m now onto the fourth book, the crying tree by naseem rakha. haven’t even reach page number 100 but so far so good.

i love, love, love books. and i hate, hate, hate the fact that books, especially english ones, are so expensive in norway. i am looking forward to my christmas present this year (giftcard to amazon). i wish christmas would come sooner!


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