london – 31.08.10

our hotel was practically next door to the lancaster gate underground station so that was great. on our first full day in london, we took the underground to bond street station (two stops away) because i wanted to walk along oxford street.

the underground in london might be smelly and hot and are always full, but i love how effective they are. we made our way around london using them. all you need is an oyster card which you can top up as you go and a map of the underground and you’re good to go.

the first shop we went to was hmv. i haven’t been to hmv since i left brisbane! three storeys with books, dvd’s and cd’s. holy moly. we went around going, ‘i want that, i want that, i want that’. we decided not to buy anything until the last day even though a lot of things were on sale befause i thought, what happened if we see something cheaper somewhere else.

after that we kinda just walked along oxford street. we went to marks & spencer and bought time out. i love time out. lovelovelove. again, years since i last had one. and then for lunch, we had sushi.

we had sushi for lunch.

i’ll say it again, sushi for lunch.


about 5NOK for a piece of sushi. we ate heaps and then bought two boxes to take back to the hotel. what? it’s been a long time since we last walked into a place that sells sushi, ok. we live in a village!

here are the boxes that we bought and took back to the hotel. we ate about the same amount for lunch. the small box was bought from tesco. baaaaaad sushi.

and then… and then i found starbucks. now starbucks and sushi, that was like the old days. i always had sushi and starbucks in brisbane. so i had my first frappuccino since 2004. we could’ve gone back to ålesund after that and i’d be happy enough. after sushi and starbucks, i felt like… missions accompalished.

(yes, we had to pay for the sachets of soy sauce and wasabi. to think that i used to grabbed as many sachets as i wanted when i had takeaway sushi and didn’t have to pay a cent for them. is this common practice these days?)

went back to the hotel and asked the concierge where the nearest tesco was because i was on the mission to find tim tam and according to the internet, you can get them at tescos.

the concierge was super chatty. we must’ve been there talking to him for at least half-an-hour. got to tesco, didn’t find tim tams but found amazingly cheap alcohols. they were amazingly cheap.

for dinner, we made it to the japanese nooodles place. MOH tasted asahi beer for the first time and became a fan. the food was good, came in huge portion. we did manage to finish our food though. can’t remember how much we paid and can’t find the receipt probably under £25. two drinks, two main meals and an appetizer.

that was that for that day.


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