london – 01.09.10

30 years old and celebrating in style, baby!!!

off to madame tussauds first thing in the morning to avoid the queue. we were there very early, sometimes before 10, but when we got in, it was already packed. so packed in fact that it was difficult to see the figures.

some of those figures are scarily spot on while other are a bit… meeeeh. with all the people in there, i got a bit confused at times over which were real humans and which were the wax figures. seriously.

took a lot of photos of MOH but this one is my favourite.

this is the only clear pic of me. i married a man who can’t take a clear picture. tragic.

(i look pregnant, i know. forgot the belt. but now that we’ve established that i’m horrendously fat, let’s just focus on the wax figure i was standing next to. i mean,  hello, sexy!)

i just want to say this to anybody who hasn’t been to the scary part of the madame tussauds. can’t remember the name but it’s the part with real people. the part with real people who hide themselves. the part with real people who hide themselves and then come out of the blue screaming at you. the part with real people who hide themselves and then come out of the blue screaming at you making you jump out of freight and set your heart racing. oh, and they were in costumes complete with scary make-up. unless you love being scared half to death, do not go near that area. i walked with my  head down, screamed like  a mad woman and sweated like i just ran a marathon. phew.

had lunch at a pub after madam tussauds. the worst meal i had while i was in london. i had vegie sausages and mashed potatoes with brown gravy. the sausages were choked full of herb, it was unpeasant. the mashed was microwaved and absolutely tasteless, and the gravy was from a box. gross.

went back to the hotel to get ready for the most exciting part of the trip.

mamma mia!!!!!!!!!!!

mamma mia was awesome. fabulous. amazing. fantastic. i can’t put it into words, it was that good. the theatre was super warm though and i had tights, jumper and boots on. but that has nothing to do with the show itself. which was great. i’m telling you, it was great!

it was so much fun and the performers did such wonderful job. there were a few standouts for me, the ladies who played the mum and her friends, and one of the daughter’s best friends. i could not take my eyes off her because she was such an amazing dancer. obviously they all could dance but that girl was so, so, so incredibly good.

at the end we all got up and sang along to two songs. i might or might not have did a little bit of screaming at that point.

back to the hotel for dinner, yesterday’s takeaway sushi.

it was a nice way to celebrate turning 30. i was less depressed as i would’ve been otherwise.


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