london – 02.09.10

did the touristy thing today. big ben, london eye and buckingham palace.

(check out that crazy guy in the middle of the road.)

i wasn’t into the seeing things, i was desperate to get to chinatown to go to the asian supermarkets. we managed to find our way to chinatown on foot. oh, on the way there, there was a girl who walked in front of us and she tripped on her own feet! and she fell. by fell i mean she hit the asphalt hard and ended up sitting on awkward position. i was totally shocked and it took me a few seconds to compose myself before i could reached out and said ‘are you okay’ to her. afterwards i thought, what a stupid question. the woman just fell on her bum on a city street, obviously she wasn’t okay.

anyway. got to chinatown. went to the first supermarket we found and went crazy. cheap stuffs. lots of different things from different asian countries. about three times the size of the little asian shop we have in ålesund. i had to really restrain myself from buying too much things. it was kinda heartbreaking not being able to buy more but i was thinking about how we would take them home to ålesund so i didn’t buy too much stuffs.

figured out that the china town is at the same area with the theatre we were at to see mamma mia! the day before.

we had yum cha for lunch. last time i had yum cha was when we went home to indo uhh… three years ago?

we then walked through st james park to buckingham palace. didn’t take any picture but i’m not really a monarchy kinda person. of course if prince william was there giving every female a peck on the cheek it would be another story altogether. i know, harry is better looking now but i used to daydream about prince william back when i was still in my white-and-red uniform. it went on to early days of white-and-grey uniform. but no, no prince giving out free peck on the cheek so we saw and left.

after we got back to the hotel, we went out to this asian supermarket nearby bayswater underground station, about 10 minutes walk from our hotel. again, try to buy not too much. again, heartbreaking

look, i found pei pa koa. would’ve bought more of it if the bottle wasn’t so heavy. bought indomie goreng too.

for dinner we wanted korean. MOH and i love korean food and i can’t even begin to tell you how much i love kimchi. we had a map and list of korean restaurants given to us by the concierge at our hotel and armed with that, we went looking for some korean food.

we got to our first choice but it turned the restaurant was no longer korean, it was now japanese. what a disappointment. so we continue our search and finally found one. the food was good though not as good as that restaurant at queen street mall in brissie. quite pricey too but we’ve been so deprived of korean food, we didn’t really care. and this is london, after all. but. we didn’t get any banchan. isn’t that the norm at korean restaurants? you get the banchan for free? part of the deal, no? anyway, at this place, you have to order the banchan and pay for them. dang. we used to ask forfree  refill back in brisbane. as much as we liked. goodness me. so we ordered kimchi and the bean sprouts thingy.


that’s all for today.


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