shampoo and scissors

on saturday, i worked from 8am to 6pm. MOH did the same. it wasn’t the most fun way to spend a saturday but we calculated the hours we worked that day and we earned 35 hours pay which is a couple of hours short of a full-time working week. in a day, we earned pretty much a week pay. awesome! christmas is coming, need money to buy pressies.

sunday, i woke up at 9 because i had to go to work at 10.  i grabbed the shampoo bootle, instead of the soap, squeezed out a blob on to my palm and then said to myself, ‘am i suppose to soap myself with this?’.

this morning, i woke up before 5 to get ready for work. after shower, i went to the kitchen to make MOH’s brekkie and my lunch. i wanted to make a cheese sandwich so i went to the dishwasher for the cheese slicer. a few seconds later i stood with a pair of scissors in my hand, thinking, ‘what happened to the cheese slicer?’

my brain is turning into mush.


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