i opened the little box of shrimp paste that i bought in london last week.

when i took the block out of the outer box, i could faintly detect the smell. i ripped the paper packaging and the smell was a bit stronger. peeled off the plastic and oh! my! goodness! so! good!  off with the last layer of paper and i smiled happily.

i then put a bit in the dish i was making and MOH came out and asked what the hell was that smell. i think the poor guy wanted to puke. i, on the other hand, was in heaven.

i still have quite a lot of the block.

i plan to make sambel terasi when my brother is here. us poor souls who miss indonesian food sorely will have a stinky feast. probably have to send MOH out of the house first when we do it though 😀


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  1. this indonesian
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 12:25:14

    Ooh terasi…YUM!

    Ternyata kamu suka terasi juga ya? Biasanya orang luar pulau nggak suka sama baunya. Jadi inget waktu kecil aku juga suka komplen karena baunya busuk sekali hehe ternyata udah gede malah ketagihan


    • 1980chandra
      Dec 28, 2010 @ 14:56:18

      sukaaaaa. di makassar banyak makanan yang dimakannya pake sambel terasi.
      kl suka terasi, baunya harum. kl yg ga suka, baunya jijik. kalau buat aku, terasi itu haruuuuuuum bgt.


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