flight attendants

14 flights in two weeks. here’s one of my many, many, many observations on air travel.

frankfurt – singapore flight (i was going to write the nationality of the flight attendant but is that racist?)
me: could you help me put this up? (pointing to  my carry-on luggage that i wanted to place on the overhead compartment)
flight attendant: smiled a sweet smile and nodded.
me: (started lifting my luggage. looking expectantly at her but got no reaction. ended up doing it myself. curses, curses, curses).

makassar – jakarta flight
me: (didn’t say anything because it was my first flight of the day and was still full of energy. didn’t need any help to lift a 9 kilo luggage.)
flight attendant: (reached out automatically and helped without being asked.)
me: (very impressed.)

oslo-ålesund flight
me: so i have to put everything on the overhead compartment? (emergency exit seat)
flight attendant: yes.
me: (placing my handbag.)
flight attendant: you want this (pointing to my mini suitcase) up here (pointing to an empty space on the overhead compartment)?
me: yes. (started lifting it by the handle)
flight attendant: (grabbed the other side of the suitcase and helped.)

indonesian flight attendants win hands down 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. this indonesian
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 18:01:50

    Ooh do tell me what nationality she has? Maybe she didn’t understand English, no? LOL


    • 1980chandra
      Apr 03, 2011 @ 11:20:18

      the flight was from frankfurt and the carrier was lufthansa 😉
      how could she be a flight attendant in an international flight if she didn’t understand english? although there was an asian one on the same flight whose english was so difficult to understand. the kind that they do in movies to make fun of asians.


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