i’m not really a fan of birthdays. i don’t like being the centre of attention and birthdays has this thing about turning one into the centre of attention. so no, not big on birthdays.

for my birthday last year, i got the holiday in london and these extras. big presents, i know.

this year, i got this:

my old car got sick again and we decided enough was enough, we weren’t willing to paybig money for it to be fixed just to have it in the garage again a few months later. i’m a little bit sad because i absolutely love it but what you’re gonna do, eh?

i gotta say, i’m starting to like this whole birthday thing. or maybe i just like the pressies 🙂


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  1. this indonesian
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 17:15:29

    Kaching! 😀 Of course everyone loves birthdays, and you do too 🙂

    By the way I’m curious how much is the car price in Norway? Here in DK, the car price is taxed 180%, so the price is almost three times the original. I bet it’s somehow cheaper in Norway – judging from the numbers of Mini (my dream car) I have been seeing in the streets of Oslo. Here, anything fancier than a Hyundai has extinct status.


    • 1980chandra
      Sep 12, 2011 @ 18:59:47

      no, i hate birthdays. if for some reason it is decided tomorrow that no one is allowed to celebrate their birthday ever again, i wouldn’t miss it at all.

      cars are pretty damn expensive here. i have no idea how much new ones cost but i would guess they’re cheaper than denmark but more expensive than the rest of europe.

      my ‘new’ car is 13 years be able to afford a new car i’d need to get a loan so that’s a no go haha


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