yet another example of things i miss out on just because i happen not to live with my family: eating mooncakes on the exact mid-autumn festival day. the last mooncakes i ate was in 2004 (!). i was home in october that year and my mum saved a few pieces for me and stored them in the freezer.

i love mooncakes. absolutely love them! my favouite is the black ones with the salted egg yolk in the middle. heaveeeeen….. my mum’s mooncakes (obviously) are the best. i’m not biased, truly. my mum make mooncakes for our big family and everyone always eats too much. she accept orders and got paid cold hard cash for her mooncakes. my brother’s friend, a chinese who grew up in china, got to taste them and he said they taste similar to the ones you get in china. so i’m not exaggerating when i say my mum makes great mooncakes.

anyway, this year, once again, i’m away from my family on the stuff-your-face-with-mooncakes day. luckily, my mum made some for us when we were home in indo just now. my sister too some to china, my brothers took some to germany and jakarta and i took some to norway. mine are in the freezer because i’m saving them as special treats.

my sister told me she has free today because it is the mid-autumn festival. we all went, you got a free day to eat??? yes, apparently. so i took out a couple of mooncakes from the freezer and today, i am eating mooncakes!

frozen and a bit squashed but oh-so-yummy.


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  1. soe
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 09:20:24

    waaww.. mamimu pinter sekali yaa.. bisa bikin moon cake, i’m really impressed. bentuknya jauh lebih cantik dari yg di jual di toko. seumur-umur belum pernah ketemu orang yg bisa bikin moon cake.. taunya cuma beli di toko 🙂 Minta resep dong.. 😀


    • 1980chandra
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 23:21:20

      gampang kok bikinnya. dari sudut pandang penonton ya soalnya aku ga membantu sama sekali, cuma ngeliatin hahaha. tapi kl ga ada alatnya ga bisa dibentuk. mau ditanyakan resepnya? atau kalau mau gampang ke sini aja, aku masih ada bbrp biji di freezer. ada yang isi tau sa, keju sama coklat. tapi ini yg versi mini jadi ga pake telur.


  2. soe
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 10:50:19

    bole dong resepnya, kalo nggak merepotkan 🙂
    oya, kita mau ke ålesund hari jum’at nanti, pulang sabtu. nanti aku telp ya kalo jadi, terus kalo kamu sempat kita bisa ketemuan 😀


    • 1980chandra
      Sep 17, 2011 @ 17:28:45

      okie… nanti aku minta. jumat minggu depan tgl 23? aku kerja jam 2 sore sampe 9 malam. tp sabtu hrsnya sih ga kerja. boleh bgt ketemuan. ayo ketemuan, nanti aku bagi kue2 dr indo 😉


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