cold feet

norwegians wear socks at home. MOH, born and bred in norway, wears socks all year long. i think he wears thick socks even in summer. i pick on him quite a lot. ‘why do you always have your socks on? i’m indonesian and even i don’t need them.’ something along that line.

we all have gotten socks for christmas presents from my MIL. obviously not as our main present, just a side present. but i can honestly said i’ve received socks as a christmas present. she always says as long as your feet are warm, you’re warm so it’s important to keep them covered. with proper socks. long socks, not ankle socks.

when my brother was here last winter, he didn’t wear socks at home either. there we were, two indonesians walking with bare feet and MOH had socks on his feet permanently.

well… i am cold. freezing more like. so i went to the attic and took one of the heaters down. then i dug around the socks drawer, found my pair of thick socks given to me by our neighbour and put them on.

we’re heading to days with single-digit temperature and freaking hell, it’s cold!


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  1. this indonesian
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:38:47

    Same here. A wears socks all year long and I don’t. I even refuse to wear it on winter sometimes :S


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