i eat meat

not eating meat isn’t exactly difficult for me. once i decided i didn’t want to have meat as a part of my diet anymore, i just stopped.

christmas dinners, barbecues, rome, london, singapore, indonesia. no meat.

 i’m not saying it’s always easy but i have no problem sitting at a christmas dinner with beautiful smelling pinnekjøtt right in front of me and not eating it. i happily munch on buns with salad on them at barbecues.

MOH had a spinach and sausage pizza in rome and i said, ‘i’m so jealous, you have spinach on your pizza.’ i got my revenge later on with a beautiful dish of gnocchi with spinach so i was happy.

proper english breakfast in london. MOH had the whole package. i sat across the table from him with his bacon and sausages and thought my mushroom and eggs with toast were divine.

 i went to singapore with my mum and my sister. the first night we were there they ate rice with barbecued pork and i, having not eaten anything other than airplane food since midday, sat there with no food and still i wasn’t tempted.

i have gone home to indo three times since i stopped eating meat. the last time, in august, was brutal. my siblings were there so there was a lot of eating done. siomay, bakpao, martabak, kroket, jalangkote’, kompiah, fish soup with chicken broth (i know, how weird), ayam goreng, yum cha, pangsit, bubur babi just to name a few. not to mention mum’s cooking. trust  me, there were times when i was pretty sure i was insane for not eating meat. but still i didn’t eat any.

so all in all, i’m pretty good to sticking to vegies and seafood.


there is this food that contains meat product that i still eat. i can’t give it up. i’m not willing to give it up. i don’t think i can give it up. good thing i never claim to be a vegetarian anyway.

here it is in all its glory.


my much loved indomie goreng. impossible to get in norway so we brought plenty from indo and my brother is going to bring us more from germany in december.

is there anybody out there who had tried indomie goreng and not like it? that’s not possible, is it?


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  1. this indonesian
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 23:25:32

    Di Oslo katanya udah ada yang jual, tuh 😀


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