ummm… excuses, excuses?

i fully intended to update the blog properly this weekend. honestly. i thought about what have happened. i went through the many pictures taken since the lat time i updated this blog. truly, i planned to do it.

but we all know how it goes when we make plans.

so. something upsetting happened on friday. i cried when it happened. i cried driving to work. i cried telling MOH about it. i cried myself to sleep. i cried watching glee. i cried in the shower. my whole weekend’s pretty much ruined.

it’s nothing serious, just something that frustrates me and i don’t know any other way to release the anger and frustration. so i cried. nothing wrong with a bit of crying, right. i always feel better after a bit of a cry.

anyway. it’s sunday evening, i’m about to call it a night and i’m still too pissed off to blog. hopefully i’ll get over it soon. i’ll try this whole blogging thing again then.


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