books, glorious books

sometime ago, quite a long time ago, i bought and read the fifty shades trilogy. don’t judge me just yet.

i got carried away by the hype. i mean, they sold more than the harry potter books, right? these millions of people must be onto something. so i bought the books. all three at once. and i read the first book. oh my goodness. second book came next. ummmm… really? finally i got to the third book. people! seriously? seriously!

it took me quite some time to finish the three books and by the time i was done with them, i couldn’t stand the sight of a book. they officially put me off books. that is… crazy. reading was something that i loved. even as a poor student i bought magazines and books. nothing made me happier than getting amazon gift cards for my birthday/christmas presents because then i could buy books all year long without having to worry about using too much money on them. our three bookcases were getting full and i was wondering how i could redecorate the whole room to make place for more bookcases.

i can’t emphasise enough how much i enjoy reading books. until fifty shades.

for some months following the episode, i didn’t pick up a book. i tried reading before bed a few times but i couldn’t make it more than a couple of pages. i finally gave up.

it was a sad, sad situation. my postman/woman was probably wondering why there was no longer amazon packages to be delivered to our mailbox. i saw books next to my bed and i wish they would go away. far, far away. the last books i ordered from amazon was covered by junks on the living room table.

i watched a lot of tv. i managed to read magazines. but books? no. nonononono. i hated books. until yesterday.

yesterday, i told myself to stop being stupid and to please, please, please, pick up a book and read it. i did. and boy, am i ever so glad i did. i am now on page 298 on the book i started reading last night. it’s a decent book. i can’t wait to finish it so i can start on another book. and then another. and then another.

i’m heading to amazon to order more books this week. still got over 70 pounds to spend on amazon before christmas. until the next batches of books arrive, i still have these to read.


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  1. kutubuku
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 08:14:28

    Happy happy birthday! and glad you’re back on books.

    I was curious about fifty shades of grey until I came across a review at (just pick the first) and then I completely lost my interest. nice that I’m “cured” now LOL


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