rome – day 4

the food:

  • breakfast : scrambled egg, a piece of white, hard and tasteless bread, a cup of tea.
  • lunch: none.
  • afternoon tea: a cup of hot chocolate (any guess what my favourite hot drink is?)
  • dinner: back the the chinese restaurant from the first day. shared a plate of plain rice, vegies in oyster sauce (why is it that everything always has oyster sauce in chinese restaurant?) and squid on hot plate with MOH. had an order of sashimi.

what we did:

  • colosseo, baby!!!!!
    and today wasn’t just a few-seconds glance from a bus experience. today, we actually went inside the colosseum. rock ‘n roll!

    i wish i could explain what is what and the story and all that but i really can’t. so i’ll just post some pictures. we had a guide but honestly, i’m just not interested in ancient history.   
    i’m not sure what things are but i’m thinking it’s the part underneath the ground level.
    this is from the ground level.
    still on the ground level
    i took this from upstairs.
    look at the part between the arrows. i’m totally fascinated by how the colours from the building behind look like one of those fake backgrounds at photo studios.

    look at how tiny the cat is.

    i was there!


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  1. sartenada
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 13:27:32

    Maybe You should watch the movie:



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