two and a half cats

there is this cat who hangs around our place a lot. he (i think it’s a he) might be homeless. he’s hungry and he has bumps all over his back from his ungrommed fur (he’s long-haired).

i don’t remember when he first showed up but he’s always here now. i think we’ve kinda ‘adopted’ him. we feed him (we set a bowl with food and one with water for him on the balcony), he sits on our balcony a lot and he lets me pet him. MOH has even given him a name: scarface. not long after he started hanging around here, he turned up with a scar on his nose. the scar’s faded now but the name sticks.

our girls hate him. for obvious reasons. they growl at him. they hiss at him. they meow a hateful meow at him. they stand guard at in the living room when he’s out on the balcony eating with the door’s opened.

scarface isn’t allowed into our house but he’d managed to sneak in a few times. i once found him sleeping in the bathroom looking like he belonged there. one night, he broke in (how, i don’t know), found his way into the bedroom and parked himself on MOH’s back.

i kinda wish we could officially adopt him. but who’s to know whether he’s really homeless or just dislike the food he gets at his real home. besides, do i really want to have three cats? do i really want to pay 7500NOK for the cat hotel everytime we go for a holiday to indo? that’s another return ticket home plus a bit of spending money!

here’s the gorgeous boy.


biker chicks

are all cats this weird or just mine?

sleeping beauties

i love watching fatso and baileys sleeping. they’re very active (especially baileys) so i hardly ever get a chance to look at their adorable little faces otherwise.

this picture of fatso reminds me of hermione from harry potter. me me me! i know the answer!

close up look at fatso’s face. she’s so dark that when her eyes are shut, all there is to see is black.

and baileys. either she’s saying ‘give me a hug’ or she’s that ghost one or another that has its two arms straight in front of its body. ‘i’m coming to get you… hihihihihi!!!’ something like that.


i live on edge throughout june and july every year. the stress level is pretty high because i get so nervous about not remembering someone’s birthday. this is bad because the birthdays in june and july are of those in my close family.

and by close i mean mum, dad, brother, sister, husband, mil, bil.

i wish i was kidding but i’m not. the problem isn’t forgetting when their birthdays are, but not remembering what day the day is. you see, i don’t keep up with dates. dates are of no importance to me except the 12th every month when i got paid .so throughout june and july, i often catch myself go ‘what’s the date today’ in alarm, worried that i’ve missed the day completely.

so far so good this year. except that i forgot…

baileys’s birthday! 2 july. completely forgot it until today.

i’m a horrible human mummy.

anyways. my baby turned four last week. it felt just like yesterday fatso gave birth to her.

bey when she was still teeny.

bey today. all grown up with the same cat statue next to her. she dwarfes it now.

happy belated birthday to my little tiger who still likes to sleep in bed with me. hope she never stops doing that.

how they rule our household

i’m supposed to wash the bedsheet and doona covers today. a few minutes ago, i went to the bedroom to strip the bed. this is what i found in the bedroom.

this is so MOH wouldn’t say i was making excuses because i was too lazy to do it.

furry pillow

fatso likes to sleep on me. most of the time she picks my stomach or thighs but sometimes, when i’m doing something on the computer, she’d park herself on the cushion i have in front of me, in sitting position, not sleeping. she’s soft and furry so sometimes i’d put my head down on to her back and rest it a bit there.

ps. i’m not one of those people who takes photos of themselves  (the way i did it to take this pic) and post it on the internet but i wanted to show MOH this and he was outside cleaning our parking lot (from snow) so i photographed myself. just want to make it clear.

loo roll

i have seen a lot of pictures of cats playing (destroying?) loo rolls. i always thought, wonder why none of my girls are interested in loo rolls.

then we woke up to this sunday morning.

we don’t know for sure who did this but i suspect it was the little tiger because her black beauty of a mother never jumps up to the toilet lid while baileys sometimes sits and even sleeps there. she also jumps up there first to get to the sink when she wants a drink from the tap. also, she’s more curious. i can just picture her watching square after square rolls down to the floor with her eyes wide open, head tilted a bit to the side, one of her front paw up in the air ready to pounce the roll if it stops.

but you know, innocent until proven guilty. just hope whoever did it isn’t making a habit out of this. it sure looks funnier on pictures.

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