just sayin’…

dear decision-makers of the brisbane lions football club,

how could you?

a loyal lions supporter who still finds it painful to see daniel bradshaw wearing another team’s guernsey.


a footy post

  • the hawks won the premiership this season. on one hand, i’m disappointed the cats didn’t win but on another hand, i’m glad the cats didn’t win because if they did, they’d have back-to-back premiership and then they’d have a chance to win next year and equal lions’ three consecutive premierships.
  • simon black rocks. lost the brownlow by 1 point after leading most of the way.
  • leigh matthews resigning after the last game of the season was heartbreaking but michael voss coming back from wa to take over is very exciting. sure he has no experience as a senior coach but he’s a legendary player so here’s for hoping.
  • jonathan brown staying put with the lions, yippeeee.
  • as always, i’m dreading the trade week.
  • pretty disappointed with how the lions played toward the end of the season but i am optimistic for 2009.

i can’t wait for the next season to start!!! 

final ladder position:

1. cats (lost only one game during the season!)
2. hawks
3. bulldogs
4. saints
5. crows
6. swans
7. kangaroos
8. magpies
9. tigers
10. lions
11. blues
12. bombers
13. power
14. dockers
15. eagles
16. demons

footy WAGs

i’ve been catching up on ‘project runway’ on youtube. i absolutely love this show. i love the way the designers create something beautiful in such short period of time, i love tim gunn and i love going ‘she’s not human’ every time i see heidi klum in one of her figure-hugging, super mini dresses.

after finishing both season 4 and 5 of pr usa, i found out that they have the australian version. of course i had to check it out. and while the judges give such bleh opinions and the host makes me want fly out to australia to give her a good shake (how can a real, living, breathing human being be so wooden?), the designers are quite entertaining. so i continued watching.

episode 4. they went to the mcg – melbourne cricket ground. the one and only mcg. home of footy grand final. sacred ground. i wanted to cry when i saw them there. how i miss my footy.

anyways… back to pr. the wooden host announced to the designers that the challenge for that week was to create evening gowns for ‘the girlfriends of some of the game’s biggest stars’ (that’s a direct quote) to wear to the brownlow medal.

oohhh brownlow, i went. that was… interesting. everybody who’s ever seen the brownlow knows how wives and girlfriends of footy players dress; revealing, tight, low cuts, high splits. to find 10 decently dressed women at the brownlow is a challenge. and i’m not saying this out of spite, i’m just telling it as i see it. so i kinda thought, really? they want these designers to make such dresses?

but that’s not really what i want to talk about. what bugs me is the way ms wooden host introduced these group of women. ‘this is blonde-haired girl with sparkly white teeth, girlfriend/fiancée of some victorian footy club’.

she introduced eight girls that way and, i swear it, i wanted to puke. i mean, COME ON.

i don’t know what these girls do in real life. maybe they’re highly educated women. maybe some of them work with children. maybe some of them do voluntary works for the sick or elderly. maybe some of them are accomplishing big, great things. actually, one of them used to be the price chick at a game show. i mean, whatever. but to be introduced as ‘the girlfriend of x’, that’s so… demeaning. like, who you are isn’t really important, you’re only here because you’re dating a footy player.

and, gosh, yes, footy players… i think they’re amazing for doing what they do and for participating in, what i think is, the greatest sport on earth, but they’re not that important for their partners to not have a life and only known as ‘girlfriend of’.

so they want a challenge where the designers have to create an evening gown. i’m sure there are other events taking place in australia that requires the women in attendance to wear evening gowns. events where they celebrates the women because of their achievements. and no, dating a famous footy player is not an achievement.

or, if they really want to do something for the brownlow, why not make them create suits for the players? that’s even more challenging than making gowns.

sheeesh… i don’t know why it bugs me so much, it just does. if they change the introduction to ‘ms girl with perfect hair and smile, a make-up artist (or whatever it is they do, i’m just typing what comes to my head) who is going to be accompanying her boyfriend, whatever footy player from whatever team’, i’d feel a bit better about it. even better, just don’t mention the boyfriend. they were going to the brownlow, obviously they were with some footy player. no need to put an emphasis on it.

oh… i’m so glad this show was in melbourne so none of the brisbane’s players’ partner took part.  i’d be really embarassed then.

afl 2008, round 16

finally. after two weeks of losing, lions won a game.

a lot of unexpected results last weekend.

  • the saints won big against the hawks.
  • magpies lost to the kangaroos. huahahaha. i hate the pies.
  • the crows lost to power. the crows are actually outside the top 8.
  • swans won by less than a goal against the blues. total madness.

top 8: cats, bulldogs, hawks, swans, magpies, lions, saints, kangaroos.

state of origin 2008, game #3

maroons won the decider of this year’s state of origin so they got it this year. three years in a row.

take that, blues. and nsw.

go maroons!!!

afl 2008, round 14

not a good week.

this is what i yelled out as a reaction to the lions – demons game: you stupid buggers! why did you do that for? losing to demons? the bottom of the ladder team? the team with only one win so far in the season? you’re handing them their second win? it was supposed to be AN EASY WIN! chance to drag up the percentage! you let them won by one point? ONE POINT? THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, PEOPLE?!?!?!?!

sheeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. how frustrating.

top 8: bulldogs, cats, hawks, swans, crows, lions, magpies, saints.

— cats, swans, crows, magpies have only played 13 games  —

afl 2008, round 13

lions won against crows. that’s not so shabby, considering the crows was sitting pretty at number five and they’ve been pretty good this season.

it was a really good game. lions weren’t leading all the way but they hung on to the crows all the way through. it was tight. coming into the last quarter, i wasn’t sure what to expect but lions went crazy and kicked three goals in the first three minutes and i thought we might win this game after all.

lions won by 13 points. no injuries, no reports.

top 8: cats, bulldogs, hawks, swans, crows, lions, magpies, kangaroos.

ps. cats completely slaughtered eagles. they won by 135 points. ouch. that hurts.

pps. wimbledon starts today. i can watch live on tv! yaaaaaay…

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