cold feet

norwegians wear socks at home. MOH, born and bred in norway, wears socks all year long. i think he wears thick socks even in summer. i pick on him quite a lot. ‘why do you always have your socks on? i’m indonesian and even i don’t need them.’ something along that line.

we all have gotten socks for christmas presents from my MIL. obviously not as our main present, just a side present. but i can honestly said i’ve received socks as a christmas present. she always says as long as your feet are warm, you’re warm so it’s important to keep them covered. with proper socks. long socks, not ankle socks.

when my brother was here last winter, he didn’t wear socks at home either. there we were, two indonesians walking with bare feet and MOH had socks on his feet permanently.

well… i am cold. freezing more like. so i went to the attic and took one of the heaters down. then i dug around the socks drawer, found my pair of thick socks given to me by our neighbour and put them on.

we’re heading to days with single-digit temperature and freaking hell, it’s cold!



it’s voting day here in norway. i planned to cast my vote online. some workmates told me they did that and i asked them how long can you vote online. probably until voting day, they said. huh! online voting closed on friday. voting day is today. thanks to them i had to dragged my backside to the local polling place, stood in queue for 10-15 minutes just so i can stand in the booth for one minute to give my vote. not. happy.

how is it possible that i have lived in norway long enough to be eligible to vote on the local election?



indonesian drivers love to honk. they honk at pedestrians, they honk at vehicles in front of them not moving fast enough, they honk when they’re stuck in a jam, they honk meters away from where there is a stoppage as if to say ‘i’m here, move out of my way’. really, indonesian drivers honk like honking would get them faster to their destination when we all know that is just not going to happen. still, they honk merrily away.

i actually know people back home who drive with one hand steering the car and one resting on the horn, ready to punch it anytime.

i got my norwegian license around four years ago and i’ve driven almost every day since then. believe it or not, i have never honked at anybody. not once. in four years. not bad, right…

i’ve cursed and yelled at other drivers but i’ve never honked. and it’s not just me; norwegian drivers in general do not honk. seriously. maybe it’s because most people do follow the road rules so you don’t have any reason to honk at them. or because traffic is light so you don’t have to fight for space on the road. or maybe they’re simply a much more polite bunch than indonesians. i don’t know. the point is, norwegians don’t honk. don’t believe me?

last week. MOH and i were on the way home from work. MOH was driving my car. we were in a roundabout when a guy looked like he was about to get into the roundabout and cut in front of us. MOH wanted to honk him to stop this. unfortuntely from him, he didn’t find the car horn. i kid you not, he didn’t know where the horn was. he ended up just gesticulating wildly at the guy. it was hi-freakin’-larious. he was all, ‘what the…. where’s the horn???’

fair enough he doesn’t drive my car too often but still… we’ve had it for over three years. which basically means he has never used the horn in my car either. how crazy is that?

i don’t think i can ever drive in indo. everyone is so aggresive, they’d scare the pants off me. or i’d be so excited about having a new ‘toy’ that i’d use it all the time 😀


i live in norway. people here go fishing. a good friend of MOH’s brought us a fish that was caught, not bought from a shop.

the best fish i’ve ever tasted. ever. evereverever.

the flesh melts in your mouth. it tastes and smells like fish. actually tastes and smell like fish, not just looks it. it was so good.

i asked for the head to be chopped and the gut to be cleaned but i had to filet it myself. this is my first time fileting a whole fish myself but it went quite ok.

so we got this:

and i made it into dinner:

we ate it making a lot of hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmm noise of satisfaction.

super cold and super warm

this morning, we couldn’t get into my car because all the doors were frozen shut. this was after two hours of the heater being on in the car. it was around -5. no wonder.

i said to MOH, it’d be a cold day since the sky is so clear. btw, did you know that? when it’s cloudy or rain, it’s warm(er). clear sky means bundle up because it’ll be a cold one. being from indonesia, i always associated rain with cooler weather and clear sky with hot hot hot. not here.

so anyhow. today was cold. all day long. the sun was bright with not a speck of cloud and i wore two jackets (inside) all day long. crazy.

then we got home, i went into the living room and went ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaah, hot!!!!’ before taking all the blinds down. our living room gets a lot of sun and it was super warm.

check out the temp.

26! it was 26 degrees inside. that’s like a regular summer day here for us. i had to open a window for to cool the living room and kitchen. how am i going to survive anything but norwegian winter?

turning into a vampire

it rained. and rained. then it rained. and then it rained some more.

the sky: grey and cloudy. constantly. i’m talkingthe past… week, at the very leatest. very possibly two.

i love it. my favourite kind of weather.


the sun came out for a couple of hours on saturday and it was bright. uncomfortably bright. blindingly bright. i had to pull all the blinds down and even so i still thought it was bright.

i’m beginning to realise that lack of sunshine is bad for my body. not only do i have to worry about not getting enough vitamin d, i also have to worry about my eyes being sensitive to sunshine. this is a place where the sun don’t shine. literally.


norwegians looooove their candles. lovelovelove. no, LOVELOVELOVE. go to any norwegian house and you’ll find candles everywhere. dinners are very often candle-lit.

i’m not sure what the reasons behind this love affair with candles are. is it because the yellow glows give a warm feeling that fight against the cold days? is it because they’re cheaper than electricity? or just because they’re cosy? i don’t know. but as i look around our little flat, i can see candles all over the place.

the dining area:

the one on the left was a house-warming gift. the one hanging on the ceiling was a christmas pressie from two years ago.

the living room and kitchen:

both were christmas pressies from last year.

we also have tealight holders all over the house. and to think that i came from a place where we only take out the candles for birthday cake or for when the electricity goes out…

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