there was a girl at work who looked like matilda from home and away.

there was a guy at work who looked like lucas from home and away.

i k now there was someone who looked like someone else from telly but i can’t remember who exactly.

then two days ago, i walked past a postman (while at work, not the postman who delivers mails to our area) who actually made me did a double take because he looked like jake gyllenhaal.

i’m surrounded by movie-stars at work. if only there was a johnny depp look-alike at work. hmmm… johnny depp….


being creative


sewing is addictive.

there were days when i skipped food, exercise, my fave tv shows and shower just because i wanted to finish whatever it was i was sewing.

i still can’t do much because i haven’t learn how to do zippers and buttons yet but i’m going to soon. wonder if MOH knows how to do it? maybe he can teach me.

i also can’t do much because i haven’t bought a proper sewing scissors, ruler and cutting mat so everything i’ve made so far didn’t need proper measurement and were cut roughly. but that’s okay because all these fabrics were on sale so i can waste them without feeling too guilty about it.

i love sewing!