my other-half. in the first year of his 30’s but can act juvenile when he wants to. affectionate, impatient, silly, hard working, (a bit) temperamental, party-hard-play-hard kinda guy. works in IT so loves working with computer. very handy around the house with his toolbox.

physically, veeery tall (at least 35 cm taller than me). blue/green eyes. typical, pale british skin – complete with the freckles.

loves spicy asian food and loves singapore. born and grew up in norway but can’t stand the cold. very good driver. pretty good cook. a big flirt. very friendly. sweet talker. will go out of his way to help friends. loves music (when he finds a song he really likes, he has this habit of playing just that one song for days). can’t live without his coffee/cigarettes.  donald duck lover. loves diving. a big simpsons fan. walks around in circle while talking on the phone. a fart-machine (gross, i know. sorry hehehe). hates to write and makes me do it for him

i adore him because of the little things. he doesn’t have a problem with holding hands in public. he says that he reckons my dad is the sweetest man. he played soccer with my little brother in my parents’ livingroom. he eats anything i put in front of him eventhough i’m a lousy cook. he lets me subscribe to australian magazines. he calls fatso his girlfriend. he bought vitamin and fed it to me (these days he gives me the little bear vitamin every morning). he gives me massages.

also because he is a very, very silly person. he used to make me twirl in public (luckily he’s over that phase). likes to tickle me (i am only one of the most ticklish people you can come across). likes to put the music loudly and make me dance around the living room with him. likes to wiggle his backside. always try to lift me up eventhough i am very heavy and he has bad back. do crazy, random things e.g. right now i have a hickey on my forehead that he gave me just because he felt like it… last week he sprayed water on me and i ended up soaked head to toe, fully clothed… took a very blurry photo of his belly, sent it to my phone and made me guess what it was (took me about 15 mins)… used to wrap me in his arms and made me wrestle him to free myself (he called it my exercise of the day).

by no means is he perfect but you gotta take the bads with the goods, don’t you? i, for one, reckon he’s a pretty good catch. no???  


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  1. mamabev1
    Apr 01, 2008 @ 06:35:03

    You sound a very exotic little flower, you have a diverse and interesting life, my daughter is nearly 30 years old and she lives away from home, quite a long way away, we were close but she has found someone who she loves. For that I am pleased, she is still my darling girl,we were so close, having gone through many of life´s storms, and as time goes on I feel I will not be around that long. it makes me sad to think one day she will realise that the last five years can never be recovered.

    I wonder if your mother may also feel the grief of missing you, her darling girl, if you were close, please let her know how much you love her, and value her.It will give her a reason to cope with all that life throws at her. Mamabev1


  2. esthertanudjaja
    May 25, 2008 @ 07:54:14

    Fi, I really like the way you described your MOH. It made this writing very enjoyable to read.


  3. 1980chandra
    May 25, 2008 @ 09:03:13

    thx, esther. i try my best 😉


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