cold feet

norwegians wear socks at home. MOH, born and bred in norway, wears socks all year long. i think he wears thick socks even in summer. i pick on him quite a lot. ‘why do you always have your socks on? i’m indonesian and even i don’t need them.’ something along that line.

we all have gotten socks for christmas presents from my MIL. obviously not as our main present, just a side present. but i can honestly said i’ve received socks as a christmas present. she always says as long as your feet are warm, you’re warm so it’s important to keep them covered. with proper socks. long socks, not ankle socks.

when my brother was here last winter, he didn’t wear socks at home either. there we were, two indonesians walking with bare feet and MOH had socks on his feet permanently.

well… i am cold. freezing more like. so i went to the attic and took one of the heaters down. then i dug around the socks drawer, found my pair of thick socks given to me by our neighbour and put them on.

we’re heading to days with single-digit temperature and freaking hell, it’s cold!


indonesians and their blackberries

my cousin had her first child saturday morning indonesian time. yaaaay!!! a gorgeous baby girl, already loved and adored by many.

she was delivered through a c-section and three hours before her mum was scheduled to go into the surgery room, she sent me a blackberry message. she couldn’t sleep and, i guess because i was the only person she could think of who would still be awake at that hour, she messaged me.

and so we talked for hours until it was time for her to get ready for her c-section. her baby was born less than an hour after she said, ‘we’ll talk again later’. my workmates couldn’t believe she was on the phone with me until half-an-hour before her surgery.

less than a couple of hours after the baby was born, a picture of her was uploaded to our family blackberry group. comments started pouring in. this first photo was followed by a few other. you can literally see the change on the baby’s face from a few hours old to a couple of days old.

new mum sent a message to, i think, most of her contacts to announce the bub’s arrival. several family members promptly changed their profile picture with the baby’s photo.

i think it is so totally awesome that we get to keep each other so up-to-date with whatever it is happenning in our life. yes, there is always the internet but internet in indonesia isn’t exactly the most reliable thing. so to MOH and all those around me who like to mock me about my relationship with my blackberry… mock away, people, mock away.

i’m freaking glowing. apparently.

friday last week

workmate: have you done something different to your hair today?

me: no.

workmate: hmmm. your hair looks different. like you just been to the hairdresser.

me: nope. i washed it and let it dry.



another workmate: you look different today.

me: huh?

workmate: you’re… prettier.

me: awww, thank you. (playfully flicked hair and batted eyelashes)

workmate: are you in love or something?

me: hahaha


i need to trace back my steps and write down what i have done, eaten, drunk lately because obviously something magical is going on here. i just know i’m going to wake up tomorrow with zits and super frizzy hair as a punishment for being so vain.


a workmate: so you’re married?

me: yes.

workmate: how long have you been together with your husband?

me: seven years married this year. nine years together.

workmate: whaaat???  how old exactly are you?

me: old enough to have been together with someone for nine years.

MOH and i are celebrating our nine years together today. not bad, huh…

back to work

i went back to work four days after i came back from indonesia.

while on holiday, i enjoyed having long, unbroken nails and bruise-free body.

on the second day back, i got these:

i showed it to some workmates and they said, ‘welcome back!

i also have bruises on my right knee, left arm, right leg and tummy. it’s like i was never away.


it’s voting day here in norway. i planned to cast my vote online. some workmates told me they did that and i asked them how long can you vote online. probably until voting day, they said. huh! online voting closed on friday. voting day is today. thanks to them i had to dragged my backside to the local polling place, stood in queue for 10-15 minutes just so i can stand in the booth for one minute to give my vote. not. happy.

how is it possible that i have lived in norway long enough to be eligible to vote on the local election?



yet another example of things i miss out on just because i happen not to live with my family: eating mooncakes on the exact mid-autumn festival day. the last mooncakes i ate was in 2004 (!). i was home in october that year and my mum saved a few pieces for me and stored them in the freezer.

i love mooncakes. absolutely love them! my favouite is the black ones with the salted egg yolk in the middle. heaveeeeen….. my mum’s mooncakes (obviously) are the best. i’m not biased, truly. my mum make mooncakes for our big family and everyone always eats too much. she accept orders and got paid cold hard cash for her mooncakes. my brother’s friend, a chinese who grew up in china, got to taste them and he said they taste similar to the ones you get in china. so i’m not exaggerating when i say my mum makes great mooncakes.

anyway, this year, once again, i’m away from my family on the stuff-your-face-with-mooncakes day. luckily, my mum made some for us when we were home in indo just now. my sister too some to china, my brothers took some to germany and jakarta and i took some to norway. mine are in the freezer because i’m saving them as special treats.

my sister told me she has free today because it is the mid-autumn festival. we all went, you got a free day to eat??? yes, apparently. so i took out a couple of mooncakes from the freezer and today, i am eating mooncakes!

frozen and a bit squashed but oh-so-yummy.

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