my work has moved to a brand new fancy building. the locker room in this new building is very small compared to the old one with only one bathroom and one shower. i think there’s three or four in the old one.

anyhow. i change very often at work. i usually do this in one of the bathrooms in the locker room because they’re quite big. and i assumed that’s what everybody does. i mean, when you strip down to your bra and undies, you’d like some privacy, no?

the answer to that is apparently no.

i saw two ladies (in their fifties, i reckon) in their bra and undies in this new locker room last week. they just stood in front of their lockers and took off their pants and tops. i was all, what the hell!!! cover up! i don’t want to see that!

do people really do this? seriously? in front of people they don’t really know? is that not weird? but then again, what do i know. even as a size 8-10 (aust) teenager, i only wore one-piece swimsuits (because bikinis are bra and undies in different materials) and insist on wrapping myself in towel at all time when i’m not in the water. i’m such a prude, i know.


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  1. this indonesian
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 18:16:23

    Here, when you go to swimming, you have to wash yourself naked along with other women (no privacy!) there would be someone watching you to make sure you have washed in proper place. Like in jail, more like.


    • fi
      Aug 26, 2012 @ 23:31:07

      it’s the same thing here. i experienced this first hand last week. i tought i was going to die. i went through the rest of the day in daze. shocked and traumatised don’t come close to how i felt.


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